Saturday, October 30, 2010


hyee there ...hehehhe sorry for the reader or the follower who waiting me some post that u can read..hehhe

yeah as u dun't know we oredy move to new building and yeah walaupun nda sehebat mana tapi bulih lah...bikin bingung maw cari kelas dya =)

presentation english huh so so bad dunno why but we guess we just do and nda berusaha kali kan..hurmmm what to do "penyu" saya menyindir tue org hahahha..but well hurmmm =(

presentation ics=huh we are the second group last today to present our presentation and guess what our lecture miss florence said to us very2x gud nex time ikut public speaking hahhah dunno what it is mean..hahah =)

next monday midterm ics

next wenesday presentation foe

aja2x hwaiting karen...hehehe

MgBu+ =)

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