Sunday, September 12, 2010

tabasan =)

hahha..did u noe the meaning of tabasan ?? dunno?? heheh it's mean paddy field..ukey just now i help my mum at tabasan after my sys taking something that a little bit hurm my feeling and yeah i drop some tears when i told my mum what she said..heheh perepot kan saya..

well i'am not tanam padi i help my mum tarik tanah or lumpur use the kelapa punya daun or batang..heheh i dun noe how to describe it..heheh yeah my mum said nie lah mummy guna kalo teda kerbau hehe..yeah maybe 5 times saya tarik2 tue lumpur..hahah sekejap penat not strong like long time ago..ukey and i tell mummy i need some rest and she said okey so i go and sit down at binatang bukan haiwan tuee yg tempat jalan tue..hahah paham kah?? think by urself k..heheh so time i rest i see the water and well u noet it like cincau hahhaha...the colour and batang2 kayu kecil warna hitam yeah it's same like air cincau..hahha and i play with the water and guess wat ada lintah di kaki saya owh shutt..heheh and i stand up and pakiss tuee lintah sampai tebuang from my leg..

and i told my mum she smiling at me and i said okey mum byee saya maw blk sudah..hehe and my mum said first i oledy told my mum kalo ada lintah i will go home so my mum noe mee and let me go back..heheh thank's mum..

okey that's all from me noww..and btw teda air 1 hari..omg

until next time me missjoan signing off from this blog
good byee =)

aja aja fighting

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