Thursday, May 7, 2015

Can i-eee

"can i just continue my studies at overseas can i? can i? please."

i hope i can say this words to my family.

"can i change my course from education to un similar things like business.. can i?.. i don't feel like teaching" but yes i do love teaching more than anything.

"can i just travel (alone) i don't. i need to find friends who love to travel to can i?"

" can i just marrying someone (strangers) i think i dont want to" hahah

"i don't feel like working can i just stay at home" this is what i do for the time being waiting for scolding from them..

"can i hang out with them, can i"

" can i have my own car like seriously (even i don't know the road) can i"

" can u guys just leave me alone like i dont exist (don't please hehe)"


though i know the answer i just want to ask.. Can i..

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