Thursday, May 7, 2015

a lil things to be thanks

hell no.. i don't know if i'am using a correct grammar or not.. i just want to write.

lil things that i thank for.

1. today my brother bought  dumplings (3 tapau) thanks
    he said, because he think of me.. (everytime we go makan to adika i will ask him to buy the dumplings but (tiada jodoh sama tu dumplings.. almost 1 month juga tunggu)

2. i am not working but  i do have money in my purse but there's something that make me don't take it out. I want to pay all the books and etc but i know both of them will pay it.. Thanks

3. she always push us to find and get a job but that day she just talked nicely without anger and stress out.. thanks for that sister.. (cry,smile)

4. Today.. mami bawa keliling rumah.. mami kasi tunjuk tanaman, buah buahan and all the story.. thanks.. i will remember it mum..

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