Friday, July 18, 2014

Life so Far ... :)

Hyeee .. Good morning everybody

guess what? (WHAT) i close my eyes at 3+am today and now i'am wide awake ..

I bet everyone knows about the news right? About MH17 (This is a heartbreaking news for all people especially the families and Malaysian) i 'am not gonna talk about it because u can read it all over the media and social networking.

Okey i'm 23 years old (2014) and a jobless human being. Seriously i don't even know where, What and How my future will be. -__-. it feels like everything that i read and watched it's all related to me .. danggg

My family especially my sister did push me to finding some Job right now But not really serious because i'm not graduate yet.. actually the feeling when i saw my friends in working world make me stressed and the jealously feeling keep hitting me .. Only God knows

So i've this things on my head since 4 months ago .. and i'm suffer a lot because of that things.. my sisters keep asking me to go and see the Doctor but i'm to scared.. to scared i tell ya .. Pray to heal is just my way now.. and because of this things my daily life changing no more exercise ..haishh but i want to.. this things really really make me mad,worried and stressful . I hope it will heal :(( AMEN pray for me.. (not gonna write it but yeah i should)

Everthings seems really hurt me.. Gladly i've my friends to talk about my jobless thingy..and one more thing i got a new roommate now actually she is my housemate and then there's one girl who want to renting the house together with 6 of us and then my housemate move in to my room .. Thats the story ..

i actually miss teaching :( but if i had to choose wheather Primary school or secondary school , i'll choose Primary..

Until we meet again..
mind my so many grammatical error post.
okey bye :))

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