Sunday, October 2, 2011

this week

i'am survive for my first week study for this semester. Thank's God for being wif me all day and give me the strenght to carry on with my study eventhough i'am alone!!

well yeah i'am survive with my first week semester but it's only for the study but there's something that bothering me ..the people in my house aka my hoomie..yeah for the second week we  face a problem that include everyone in this house!! their fight? or should i say we fight for the small matter..we don't fight like a gangster we just being Rude and stabbing back with each other!! awww it hurts...(siapa yang makan cili dia lah yang terasa pedas) the situation is like the peribahasa!!

still everyone  in this house feel the presure!! but surely the problem or the presure will blow away with no one realise it!!

forget about the problem yeah last friday i'am at home hahha..i feel so happy when i saw this 2kids hahah eventhough i always mad at them..i love them so much!! heheh..they are cute adorable preety naughty and much more..i'am happy when i saw my mum my dad my brother and my syta too...feel like a year that i don't meet them!! and Happy bufday to my systa Daisy i love u..

can't wait for next weekend so i can go home again...i wanna cry!! i'am missing home i hate this place...and i will live my life like this for 2 and a half years more...take care my family and lala,ain...i'am gonna mish ur guys everyday!!

P/S: my english is not so good but will do better next time!!

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Fadzmie Mohamad said...

Hehe. Tidak lama lagi bah tu 2 and a half years. Tidak terasa juga tu. ^^ Btw, good luck!