Friday, September 23, 2011

hey there blogger aka readers !! how ya been? i'am not fine!! yeah why? 3days before i've got stomachache,and it really made me so tired because nature always calling!! really tired...i'am also really dissapointed with  the course leader because none of them post the newest notes except one but it's only for the first week!! yeah currently i'am in the mood for saving my money so maybe i can print out my notes at home but seems i can't!!
i don't had many moneyplus maw harap ptptn huh jauh sekali because our PTPTN is not out yet maybe disember i guess!!  my bussiness is also so not succes maybe i need more experience and time to work with it..

i'am just finished dowloding the Hantu Bonceng and now i'am reading the sabahan blogger blog..hehhe

hye i'am jealous with them ..finding their own money with their own hand in such young age..auch me? hahaha..gimme a bad good hand..i'am not clever like them and i'am so not like them in every aspect...why i can't be like them..maybe i'am still mummy daughter..i know i'am just like the KIDDO...pity me..

the end..

p/s i've only got B english ..

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