Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i told yaa!!

i'am done with my exam and i'am HO HO HO LI DAY... and i'am start to think what will i do to make my holiday more Fun =) okey okey i will post my DO THINGS IN HOLIDAY for my next entry..

eh before i forget happy August people and happy fasting to all my muslim FRIENDS.. seperti yang anda tahu tentang keaktifan saya di laman burung bewarna biru or known as TWITTER saya telah menjumpai or terstalker twitter seorang blogger yang cute preety and awesome post in her blog...and after that i've become her silent reader(kunun padahal i told her i read her blog at twitter) and guess what i love her new post and alittle bit jealous because of this...scrool lagi kasi guling2x mouse kamu
she got a twitter tshirt with his name printed on the shirt..nice and awesome kan..hehehehe ...told yaaa!! it's Awesome..mau bj cam nie..haahaha..and thank's for the letting me borrow your pic NK ;)

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Nik Khazami Nik Aziz said...

ehemm ehemmmm!!! heheheh! ;)