Saturday, July 30, 2011

rest time!!

i'am just wake up from my sweet and cool dream and now i'am interneting for a while before i continue to study...ok guess what i will taking ENGLISH for my major and i'am starting to fix my mistake and learn how to use correct sentence...yeah i know i'am not good in english but i will break a leg to become more good in english..

i'am tired to read my note but i will not stop here i will continue read and read my note until i understand it (amacam semangat kan saya) but if i can't read the note allready i just can pray and hope i can answer the question..Fighting

okey fyi i'am into twittering now but not so addict with twitter..memandangkan i allready deactivated my facebook so i've only cek for my twitter..the truth is i created an twitter account since 2009 or 2010 i forget and i'am so into twitter when aizat and his team doing their concert in Sabah ..i followed all the team yg buat ada time tue..look like i'am so into them kan..hahha what can i say this is my first time watching live concert and bertuah sunnguh aizat kerana saya salah seorang fan dia(perasaan sangat-sangat) actually i waited for aizat and his bro anas to replied my tweet tapi kan teda pla so i tweet altimet,djfuzz and farish naaa diorang pla bha yang membalas sangat AWESOME mereka..sebenarnya we all the same cuma diorang artist kita insan biasa(chewah ayat hahah) kita pun boleh jadi famous walaupun kita nda jadi artist..but in positif way lah bukan negative way..

positif way nak famous kalo bukan artist jadi
-pemurah hati
 naaa dikenali juak bha niee orang2x cakap2x juak pasal koe..

negatif way jadi famous
-seorang yang ego
-haji bakhil
-suka jaga tepi kain orang
naaa ini pun di kenali juakkk and kena sebuat2x juakk kamu nie

OKEY SO IT'S ALL UP TO YOU YANG NAK JADI FAMOUS..samada korang nak pilih positif or negatif..ok then byeee..

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