Thursday, May 27, 2010

bikin panas

nie mrh lah niee sekarang melepaskan geram lue di blog..Omg ok kan sy bilang sy belum urus hostel so i call the college 3 times and no one pick it up..owh dammm so how can i go to the college if i dun have anyplace to stay ..owh one again damm . haisss apa bah pengurusan diorang niee okey i got one borang for hostel application form and dlm tuee borang [ PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR APPLICATION 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO REGISTRATION DAY] so i've say wat?? sebab bru sy taw maksud tue prior durang bg tuee borang time register cam mna lah tue..haisss mcm jak sy nda maw pigi tueee college sy maw p ambil balik tue duit. mcm taie2 jak pengurusan dya..sudah pun teda kwn sy DI situ shiitt....GTHLUSC(angry) so3x mcm jak sy maw tulis perkataan yang nda bgs c nie but nda pa lah..urgghhhh!!! urggghhhh!!! once again nda puas atieee okey fine we'll seee it sudahpun sy sendiri mengurus sebab sy yang maw pi tue college kalo sy minta help org bukan dyarang maw tolong tue and i 'am press this laptop keyboard with no gentle omg how this things happen to meeee....somebody please help meee..give my money back...mood: still angry ++++++ stupidility bet owh..


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