Monday, November 17, 2008

LIFES getting boring & so so so boring lifes getting boring in this skul fs is damm!!!!dlm pembaikan 1 week allready so i just check my tag,myspace and hi5. so i'll just wait to go to skul in a few weeks and meet my friends.just want to post this sweet butterfly pic wif my bestfren but 2 of them is no in this pic ita and ain...i miss this moment..hahahha....this pic is taken by my fren jijie at the last day at skul...we a getting crazy in this moment...hahahhaha

this second pic is we take at the merdeka time at my skul....i like this pic walaupun terlebih tangan mau buat bintang

ya i like to take pic for u information....hehehehhe...boring arghhhhh..gladly my sista is allready at home..adalah kawan sy di umah.......hope fs will good in this week at least tomorrow never dies hahahhaha......

this third pic is not other than my fav dram and movies tapi movie blum tengo lai...hahahhaha kecian bah sy ni. Hahahah...KAMI...miss to see this drama lalalala....peace. Okey sampai di sini ja for this time mungkin kalo sy rajin atau ada crita sy post mlm atau another day okey...for my big bro so jelous ko p kl haahahhaha but congrats and take care di sana balance??? hahahah okey daaaa.

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