Thursday, April 24, 2014

my Nightmare

UNEMPLOYED, PENGGANGUR.. i thought i will hear the words only in a short time..But until now it still with me.. 

theres so many chance that coming for me but i dont grabs it why? i also dont know.. even my friends tell me to try as kindergarden teacher at their friends aunt nursery.. but still i dont try it.. why? Fear maybe because i've never been in working environment with unknown people except in my practical and i dont have a car to make my life easier.. (dush,dush tumbuk lah ko ni Karen)  .. if u want to tell me to be CONFIDENT of course i can be BUT but but huuhuuu.. unexplained situation that i had..

OKEY Please SPA/SPP grabs me u have only one chance to grabs me..hahah (diorang pula kena suruh grabs) ... 

Tapi saya memang banyak memberi alasan yang munasabah dan tidak munasabah..

praying without effort is useless (ya i knew it) but still i do it (idiot people)

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