Friday, March 14, 2014


Trending worldwide #prayforMH370.. 

Its sad to hear this news...and i'm just hoping that all the person in MH370 will be found.

Time flies so fast and this year 2014 i will be 23 on May.. i really want to have a job right now..seriously now or tomorrow.. Teachers or no depends on what the jobs is.. i will surely do my best to work..

i'am at KK from Sunday last week..  at first the reason why i went to KK is to serve internet because our phone cabel had been stolen twice by some people that , i dunno how to describe them as a human being.. and now i think the reason why i'm still here eventhough our phone cabel is allready been fixed is maybe i dont want any pressure from my family about finding a job.. I just want a peace..

like everyone else i want a job that will guarantee my future BUT it is not easy to find a job that suitable for me.. actually i'am stress about this is a bothersome for me.. seriously i need a break from all this crap... maybe if my first sister didn't quit her job i will have a time to thinking about my future one by one..


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Kylie wenn said...

Good luck in your job huntinG!