Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mix story .. Feel free to read :)

Hye everybody :) well now i'am at my bed (limpang-limpang) while waiting for my eyes to close.. Okey what should I write here? Hurrmmm oh ya about my thesis! I'm so lazy to do it (padahal jumaat ni mau antar sudah..) tekeii!! Next story today my pudding (rosak nda jadi pudding, kesian gia cair) but just now around 8pm maybe (saya buat lagi) and I'm very confirm that it will come out good.. Tomorrow Lala will going to school alone because my mum,sister and bro will attend their meeting. Hurrmmm (Balik KK lagi besok punya malas) any FYI my class only on Friday so sila cemburukan diri anda..        one thing that bother my mind is my Bff and BFF tu bukan stand for boyfriend forever but best friend forever.. :)) I don't know if ( saya layak digelar as her BFF to)  okey sabar kamu arr yg membaca (Kalo Ada lah) mcm sy ni sombong and ego bha, why? Sebab see her on9 at facebook and whatsapp tapi nda menegur.. Alala bff kah juga saya ni.. Masuk tahun ni 7tahun sdh kami BFF.. Jarang jumpa tapi Ada masalah.. Pelik kan.. Okey I'm tired writing haha or is it typing.. So will continue it later.. Adios                          

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