Monday, July 23, 2012


nearly forgot my blog password . feeling so great going back at home sweet home. even thought nothing much i can do at here and still feeling bored but my feeling always the awesome feeling that i had when safely arrived at home. Nothing much i can do at KK except for going around at the same place watching movies with them with empty pocket and doing some window shopping.

me? i easily get jelous when something that i dream a long-long time ago suddenly appeared infront of me and i can hold, feel it but *boom suprisingly it is not mine. Never mind they afford it ...

same as the week before our garage  is still  under C. when i see my real house it is beautiful, nice and clean but when i see it at the picture it is full of disaster haahahah..but i love it ...

nothing much i can blog here eventhought there so much heartbreaking stories haha..maybe next time but i wonder when the time is?!. :) so i'll stop here and maybe see'll u next time.

kjz :)

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