Monday, December 12, 2011

my life lately

Dear on9 diary
I don’t have an internet connection right now so i write this things in my Microsoft words and then just paste it after i done. Things are not getting well in this month. Many things that i have to think and it make me headache.. how i can handle this things when my own self is messing right now...  soon i will moving out from my hostel and it make me fell sad to leave my roommate here..okey living with them almost 2years is such a long time for me..many things we share together and now i have to live with other’s ‘human’ yeah i know them but seems the life that may come to me will getting worse but i hopes it’s not. I’ve discussed this things with my friends that sometimes i think  she is my bff ..she told me her past and story about her love life and same goes to me..we are sharing our story when we meeting up with each other. she say don’t move out but somehow i just can’t do anything right now because i already agree with others and the half deposit is allready been paid. What i can do right last minute assignment is not finish yet and i totally screwed in my statistic midterm ..auuu u know it’s hurtful when i’am think it back..
Reading others blog make me feel miserable hahahah..yeah when their happy and i’am not..when their having a great time and i’am having my worst time..yeah it’s make a little bit jelous to them..other things that should a girl in my age think is having a special boy friend ..hahaha..yeah it’s not important to think it but u know how stressed i’am when all my housemate talking about their bf and i’am just yeahh great gth and’s not that i don’t want to falling in love but when seeing my friend fight and blab la with their bf that make them so stressed i quit my feeling for a while...maybe i will think it back when the day is come..
Okey other stuff that i want to shout out in u is...i’am not active in updating my status in facebook because i hate it..i hate when others know what i’am doing right now..well u never know how many stalker out there..also i hate when i say hyee to my friend and the ask me “bila koe mau kawin”  the truth is i just wanna reply “kenpa lah koe sibuk betul mau Tanya pasal kawin napa koe may kawin sudah” but i just reply it like this ‘hehehehe’ okey i’am going to shower right now so sayonara my sweety blog..hope i can update u later okey ;)

xoxo kjz

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