Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the sky is so high!!

when i'am sad and disappointed with myself and my doing i will look the sky searching for some hints or things that can help me to make my life more meaningful and cheerful..waiting for the God to showing me something that make me thinking who am i and what's the life that i been living for 20 years and a half..but there's nothing..only the colour white and the blue sky..but it made me calm and made me realize what's going on with my life now and perhaps that's the only hints that i need to know what is my mistake,how i behave,and how i will change my life to the better way..

i know lately my attitude is so bad with my parents and my sibling..i know that i annoyed them a lot , yeah nobody perfect unless u in ur own dream ;) when i watched the glee project and saw one of the contestent saying that before this she's not living in her own world and she's trying to be perfect or someone else but  now she still finding her ownself maybe i'am just like her..i'am not act like other person but sometimes it will happened automaticly.. for example i want the things that they wear, i want the look that they have and manymore...but my dream only stand for 15 minute or less because i realise who am i...

and thank God for created me!! no matter happened i will always proud to be me and will always love people around me..

p/s my english and my grammar is not so good...

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