Friday, August 12, 2011

short update 1#

okey well hey my dear blogger and friend..FYi i have to wait 6 hours to reactivate my facebook and it was dammm...i think the purpose  they doing like this is they expect the facebookers will not deactivate their facebook.

early in the morning around 12.00 -1.00am i've manage to add 7 blogger to become my follower but in return i also following them (macam sistem barter kan). and also it seems many blogger are like to doing this drawing things or more known as DOODLE and i also ask 2 of the blogger to make me a doodle..
(nda taw malu bha sy ni) and i also want to learn to do it but nevermind let the others do it because if all the blogger know how to make a cute and nice doodle who will be the person that request to make a doodle for them..hehehehe..

i hoping next year i will go for a holiday with my friend the plan that we don plan but in progress to be plan...

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