Friday, June 24, 2011

to good to be true ;)

drama drama sangat drama..
indonesian drama korean drama and malay drama
ncis,csi,lie to me,private practice and etc

yes i'am watching all of these..
but telampau emosianal ada yang bikin marah hahah
ada yang bikin nangis and ada juak yang lucu

these is a part of all these drama ..
and a little bit same to our life..

adakah yang happy ending in real life??
watching biggest loser made me cry? why because bikin sedih terharu kagum naaa.

Reading my fren blog (banyak sudah kwn ada blog)
saya jadi stalker ;)
some of them really make me jealous
some of them annoyed me..

really nice to know the latest news about them without asking them
because yeah nanti kena cakap BUSYBODY

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