Friday, June 17, 2011

PAST few days ...

at last mood MEMBLOGGING kembali... actually our  CONNECTION is SICK hahaha..just yesterday the TELEKOM gave medicine to our line phone ;)

well in this past few days many things happened there's a good things and bad things..
okey start with my HAIR. okey what's up with my new hair hurmmm i allready cut it short and i've rebond it well now i look more FATTY and CUte ;)

REUNION as we discuss well yeah it happened but only a few nooo only 5 of us gather 5 from 30 student can u imagine it until we TERPAKSA calling vion who is not in our form 5 class and Azri..
and also about the reunion i hate the guys hahah they laugh at my hair and say 'napa koe semakin buruk' well i noe the guy sometime he will said a bad things that can hurt people feeling eventhough memang betul pun..well sometime we must accept it..hell yeah the worst is we've been asked  to clean up the messy that we don't do arr and there's something that making me so mad but SENSORED. okey at 7pm or less four of us going to the party (orang kawin) i'am so not like to go to a party yang ada orang mabuk and SOWT2x and i ask she that i want to wait in the car but nda DILAYAN arr they said "kejap jak" and i was ok and bulih2x diorang makan2x lagi OMG okey like i want to scream and call my bro to pick me up..fine i hate kalo kena paksa2x so make my temper up side down...there something happened after the party things her dad was accident but thank's God he save.. her brother mad at her and ask the key car so she can't send me home so i've called at home to pick me up..while waiting both of us chatting about what happened ..END

i don't really can recall what happened to me in this past few days..i hate to remember the bad things..and now as u don't now i've allready start a new short sem..and the worst is my pointer is SUCKS.. but thank's God not so bad..well the suprising story is i've been one house with this girl a past high school friend and i was ..WHAT it is REAL two out datang lagi baru yang tambah lagi worst..HURRY UP i want to PINDAH RUMAH.. OUH AGAIN  ternampak one of my friend at cp with her sister and her friend but as u know i don't really like to meet them lagi2x my hair is short and i hate they said WAH RAMBUT BARU..dalam hati ada taman..well sometimes it is pujian but sometimes it will be sindiran i know i'am not enough pretty to compare with ur guys but i don't care selagi i comfortable with my own self i don't care what are u guys thinking and talking about me..GTH lah ...END

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