Sunday, June 19, 2011

making money?

auchaaa...hye there how are u? me i'am just fine FYI i'am not back to kk yet because my class start on tuesday got many free time i wish this sem my name is in the list of dean list i want it so badly ..and in progress to change the MPM hahaah in my dream lah..

back to the i'am helping my friends to sell her stuff at college..cute kan saya?? hahaha bluekk but i'am just helping we have a plan but can't told ya..belum sampai masanya..heheheh

yesterday pulang balik from kk..go to 1b and i hate walking when the wheather is so hot ..

aha before i forget i want to say sorry for ckp terus terang MALAS.. jahat bah sy nie kena jemput pun blang malas..i'am sorry heheh..

annoying cute love her

eitu saja sy maw tulis boleh kah tue?? hahah kasi bulih jak lah arr...

still missing my long hair..

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