Friday, June 24, 2011


tajuk entry sengaja hendak mengaburkan mata korang hahahahaha..

okey this is for my own self and to the readers..
when i read back my older post i fell guilty blerr and semua lah becampur-campur
why? because there's a post that i wrote before knowing the truth and when i knew the entry that i post is mengutuk2x orang because of their past life that embarassing u what should i do?? deleted the post or keep it?? hurm so my decision i want to keep it so next time when i read it i knew that i'am an ANNOYING and BAD person dahulu kala ;)

so blog ini memang ada kaitan dengan orang surround me and i know ada juak readers yang sy kenal mungkin ada post pasal kamu so try not to think that's u pretend that it is not you that i talking about so u will not feel sad..


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