Wednesday, May 4, 2011


hohohoho merry christmas..opsss hohoholiday.. yeah it's holiday guys and i love holiday eventhought sometimes it would be boring and it will make me remembering our student stuff..hahah

yeah i'am home for sure my sweet home and the messy one usuall i became a babysitter to LALA and Ain..odoi dogo ajajal kopio..(my mum ask me to speak dusun to them but cam mna yang disuruh pun nda pass maw ckp hahahah) and i'am thinking the ryte time to meet my sweet friend..

haissss it's very hard to live when ur getting older there to many things to think and to many things to learn and do..and the most important is the maturity is coming ..haha..hey guys there's a lot things i want to write but will continue it later..

to be continued..

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