Tuesday, May 24, 2011


hahahhahahhahahahhahahahah(GILA KETAWA SATURANG)

hahhahahah(AGAin!! huh)

i'am officially taken opss TESASUL bha, sebenarnya officially tweety (bah tesilap lagi) officially BERumur 20 tahun (owh nooo head of two urgghh)

the first person wish me is my anak buah merangkap my BFF she called me tepat jam 12 and sent text wishing me bufday thank's i love u  (Doris)

Actually i'am on9 until 1 o clock tadi pagi and time tue or sebelum jam 1 lagi ada sudah yang wish but i'am pretending that i dun't on9..hahha sy malu nanti urang cakap sy excited Bufday hahah..

next year hope the best ever for my bufday celebration ..xoxo

and thank's CC and to all fACEBOKKERING for da wishes ;)

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