Wednesday, December 22, 2010

my day with her =)

her?? who is her?? she is mitchell my beloved and awesome friend plus she is beautiful =)
the day before today we went to kk hahha yeah but before this she told me that she want to postponed it today because someone is coming to her house and then i'am a little bit sad but it's okay..suddenly she send me sms at my phone and at facebook and she told me that we can go according to our plan..hahha happy2x wink2x =)

so she ask me to book an unser and ask to pick her at her village so around 9.15 we go and pick her..that is the first time i meet her after the driving she is damm beautiful and she allready make her hair reborn..heheh =) jealous2x (mum i want to) hahha..and the we talk so much from tbn until kk to many story heheh i guess i'am the one who is got to many story kan cel...=)

okey and then we ask the unser driver to stop at terminal wawasan and the pusing2x cp..cari tempat tingu wayang nda nampak..but the truth is saya minta kwn si mitci p beli bj krismas..hahah cian si mitci mengantuk dya kwn saya...penat sy maw menaip and then cp after that wisma and kkplaza and home around 5 hahah...

bnyk bha sy maw cerita tapi sy mls maw menaip urghhh..pemalas kan saya and sorry campur2 kan saya tulis..hahahhahaha...streess tunggu result..wuwuw..bye

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