Sunday, August 1, 2010

baju kurUng

Helloo are u all?? sorry my cweet blog i broke my promise to you =(. Not that i dun't want to write but because of the connection and the schedule i dun't really have a mood to write eventhough i want to share a lot of things.

okey skip the things that i write just now and let me explain about the my post title now. Baju Kurung =) i love to wearing baju kurung when i'am still at secondary school i mean the white bajurung wif the blue and red skirt.But when i'am continue my study and college and not at universiti i'am kindaa not very like to wear baju kurung to go to kuliah because hurmmm i'am not very sure wat is the first reason why i dun't like wearing a baju kurung. HEheheheh.

But i'am still wearing it but looking at my mood and at the ryte time to wearing it..hahhaha.i'am wearing it time exam because when exam all the students must wear formal if nott cannot sit foe the examination but as my eyee look at the senior student and the junior student they are not wearing a it's not fair kan3x..heheheh but just wain and see wen our campus is moving into a new post is not very tersusun but i hope u'll will understand it hahaha..

u CAN SEE me wearing the baju kurung and it's taken time we all waiting foe the bus and the first day of our exam..heheheh

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