Friday, June 4, 2010

orientation day

ryte kah my ejaan tuee hahah nda pasti pula sy niee?? hahahaha okey kemarin minggu orientasi and it's only one day starts from 8am till 4pm if i'am not this orientation day kami kena bagi group and me and my fren tepisah semua belain i get first group and semua ehh nda bekenal2x ada lah jua sy kenal ..but this group is siok bah and our faci name joshua hmm seems he look abit shy kali kan hahha..

bnyk kami men first yes no and then pass note and then presentation and then mkn2 and then finish hahhah...ntah cam mna maw crita nanti sy sambung laie lah hahahha..senteng?? wahahha

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