Friday, May 7, 2010

special for My Fren

hey my cweeet blog kaw diupdate lagi hahahhaha. Post ni arie special for May my very2x best friend in da world HAPPY BUFDAY MAY. tuee pic dya Di bawah heheh...satu hari awal saya post besok 8/05/2010 she will be cweet 20..hehehhe

No present just a story that describe how wonderful u are. hahaha yeah i noe may since primary school just hear her name but didn't noe who is she. and we enter same high school she is very superb girl talented (kan3x may) hehehe she can sing,she can talk,she can play instrument(guitar wat else lupa heheh),she malatopp brain pandai,she is kind(many people love her including me hahah),she aktif sport(same wif me hahah),she nda sombong(kalo saya jln2 sma dya mesti she will tegur org yang dya kenal), she is very bertanggungjawab and rajin(time sma2 hostel mesti p luee cuci baju and then bru mkn),active scouts yeahh she is and she has many fren around the world(betul bah may bnyk kan2 kwn kaw tarzan pun ur fren heheh just kidding) and last but not least sepatutnya bnyk lagi niee dya punya keistimewaan but later she is very active at church(unlike me hahha pemalas maw p church sorry God).and may thak's 4 da bufday gift that u give me the frame u still remember?? and the keychain that u bought time p kehel hehehe.. first time that i share a sad feeling wif her is when her Father passed away i was shock when i heard the news and i ask my father to go there walaupun petang sudah around 5 o'clock yeah i remember it and when i arrive there she was crying and i dunno wat to do at the time and i just go near her and speak to her hug her say sabar may jan laie nangis i told her but she crying and when i look at her face my tears is jatuh2x(uieee nangis owh sy tulis niee post) huhuhu...that's is the first time share her sadnesss ukey2x stop the sad story going to cheer you back may story about sharing her happiness.. share her happinesss is a lot time dya menang sukan and break the record she was so2x happy and same goes to me sharing his happinesss time tue kalo sy bejln2 mah dya bnyk panggil2x nama dya ucap congrats and mcm pula sy jalan sma artist nie taw..time tewakil sama2 paling bah sy kuat suara teriak2 support kaw may(apa ag blanja hahhah...tapi ikhlas niee sy ckp may) heheheh..wat else hurmmmm May ur getting older ada partner sua kah di hati??(kaw paham kah may) heheheh may welcome to the club 20 hahhah and i'am still a teen huahauh jan kaw jeles bah may hehehhe...May just a simple words ur are super2x talented and a very2 bestfriend that i ever had..HAVE A BLAST2X BUFDAY and if u read this say to you mum happy mother days from me arrr and if u read this post wiill gonna make u read ahhahha..forgive me if ada yang kaw nda suka saya tulis but just want to let u noee this post is a half story that i been wif u hehehe..apa bah bi sy nieee tunggang langgang patut pun muet dapat band 2 jak hahahha....luv u so much may cayang kaw sampai bila2x dunia and akhirat XOXO


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