Thursday, May 13, 2010

seems my life is not going anyway..i'am stuck here didn't noe where to go what to do, my life is tunggang langgang. yeah i manage to get 3 offer but it is all swasta and i ask my mum so she said ukey pick the nearest but my mum didn't noe i get the unisel and i'am bingung2 juga pasal tue unisel..hahah unikl?? huhhuu far from my dream ur give me medical cos?? i'am not a science student but i noe they just want money like other people said but before this my mind say don't go but my heart seem ask me to go to the unikl but yeah mcm stupid2x jak maw p tueee kos padahal susah so i give my mind a full rest to fikir about that and yeah i don't pick it so UNITAR here i come Bach education same like my systa u noee last year i said my mum i don want to go swasta nanti susah maw cari kerja so my mum said study lah betul2x but seems my mouth is masin and me tekena balik wat did i said to my mum. huhu i thought unitar is my choice but when i check the unisel i get it but busnes managment and i said?? heel ya i want to go there but when i think about it i oledy made a deal with my fren to together msk unitar so my mind is split in two??? but the offer is all same kan bayaran dya mahal kalau lah??? hurmmm forget it ...hurmmm i oledy paid for the exam ulangan and i'am not started yet baru jak baca2 10% per 100% and i think i will not make it but i will try to force myself dari saya juga bah tue..but i hope so my decision will bring me to my bright future and hope so all my family support me ..GTG Now maw c mkn miaw2x yang semakin bnyk damm but i will miss my cat and aso my doggie..feel like my tears will come out but i'am a strong person am i??


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