Thursday, May 20, 2010

explode kedobomm :(

when i thought all things are gonna perfect and just study that i have to think suddenly one by one problem come to me and it become unperfectly once again!! huhuhuh my brain is gonna explode boom and i'am dead..i'aam lost in this bigger world wowowoow gonna semms i had to take the hostel and +++ it's all 9++ oMg so many...before this my fren suggest me to live wif her but suddenly his kazen wanna sewa da bilik so family first kan so kazen nya lah bah didahulukan

uwawawaw gonna crying!! problem2x kenapa lah kAW DATANG yang last minute sua arie isnin maw p register sua . Yesterday my mum said to me p jak bah unikl so i answered nda maw nanti kalo gagal maw byr laie maw duit jak bah tue sooo my mum said tu lah so so what no conclusion my fren allready go ada dpt uitm srwk ada dpt yayasan sbh so me where?? where??? owh God plis answer meeeeee!!!

crying2, dlm hati nda da org dengar at luar buat mcm nda kesah but from the bottom of my heart sedih crying sad maw mampus suaa...hahhaha sempat laie ketawa so the kogklusi ya apa ya?? better i search it in my own self..


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