Wednesday, May 12, 2010

berapa lama sua nda diupdate belog tercinta sy niee?? hahaha nda lma bru 3 arie kali bah. So apa maw update arie nieee hurrmmm think3x owh ya hahhaha want to story2x wat i've doing MONDAY may ask me to help her to complete her brother card wedding so may pick me and cc at home lepas tue mansau2 laiee di smart p tingu chapel sambil waiting her kazen or ank buah or...hahhaah and after that bla2x pastue sampai di umah si may and eating her betday kek before gunting2x gam2x the card..heheh from the start until the end ada jak yang bikin ketawa and i will miss may Quote "sy timbak kaw" hahah cute bah dingar and we share some story and opsss hampir2 terlepas ckp kan cc..heheh thank's both of u and aso may mum and anak buah dya yg chumel mcm kami hahah..finish around 4.3o before send cc home buy some box and ice shake heheh..and then sent me home arrive at 5pm after that cek fb cc post the funny pic of mee owh cc u're so cruel but the pic will be my memories thank's c..hehehh and then sleep at 9pm so tired owhh!! wake up early to cek my fb but can't because server down so yesterday no on9 at all sleep early again and today wake up early find out can on9 sudah sooo on9 belum laiee cuci muka teda airr...hahahha merepek bah sy tapi kenyataan cek unisel dapat tapi tia taw kalo maw p hahhaha..bingung2x cehh hahhaha dekat sua betday sy..will be 19teen(i write this and i sound like robot's read my post..hahha) The end..


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