Monday, March 8, 2010


ignore for a while the entry, last week is the week that i'am so busy always go to town urus ini lah itulah but last week to is my sweet moments why?? because we had a such great party yeah eventhough cket my fren p hurrrmm only 11 people but we have great time plus our ex class teacher is with us..Thank's Mr cyriL ur are the great teacher..heheh tak sia2 saia postponed my driving but a little bit hampa bab janji jam 10 mula me and vion sampai jam 9.30am and the party started at 12pm lebih2 such a waste time sempat laie saia p driving hahha..but it's ukey i'am still happy and credit to mR Cyril as the photographer time tue i want that camera..hahhaah we have a great time i will miss the moments :) i will frens :))

day by day i'am getting lazy and + my weight hahah...ntah kenapa nie maw mkn ja mungkin my period is comming but not yet heheh..budu2 kan crita saia..hurmmm semalam saia tengok Fatimah Juling hahha wei sandi tul tue cerita i hate Fatimah hahah last2 kena blk wahahah but i can't see the endingg because i'am fall asleep..poor me tinggal 15 minit laie maw abis tapi tetido..benci2x

ukey2 i'am straight to the point about STUCK!!
well as u noe in my previous post i mention that i will repeat my exam but the clock is keep walking day by day but me i'am stuck without doin anything :( MAW BKA BUKE PUN MLS PADAHAL MASK BULAN 3 SUDAH TAPI I OLEDY prepare my jadual study i hope i msk u lah pliz2 God HELP ME...i can't stand anymore bila2 saja i will fall huh..but kelmarin i made my mind buka buke sejarah and yeah memang tak msk but karen chaiyoo ur must do it pengorbanan mesti ada untuk berjaya..:) wink3x heheh ukey

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